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Flux Core Arc Welding

© 2003 (58 Min.)
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Flux Core Arc Welding Video Demonstration.

An introduction to the Flux Core Arc Welding process, covering both self shielded and gas shielded flux cored welding wires.

Flux Core Arc Welding Video Demonstration. Self Shielded Flux Core welding wires provide a wire feed process that can be used inside or outside of the shop. With moderate deposit rates and lower voltage requirements, self shielded flux core is probably the easiest type of welding to learn and use, and the general purpose self shielded welding wires are a good choice for the smaller wire feed welding machines.
Flux Core Arc Welding Video Demonstration. Gas Shielded Flux Core is the most common semiautomatic wire feed process used in the welding industry for heavy fabrication. High deposit rates, good weld fusion, and ease of operation also make gas shielded flux core an excellent wire feed process for the in shop repair of farm and construction equipment.
Flux Core Arc Welding Video Demonstration. WMC's Flux Core Arc Welding focuses on fundamental welder skills. Extremely close-up video of actual welds, with detailed explanations, demonstrate how the voltage and wire speed settings, electrode extension, gun angle, and travel speed affect penetration, the shape, and the size of the weld. Also included are weld joints, metal preparation, and joint fit-up.
Flux Core Arc Welding Video Demonstration. Flux Core Arc Welding also provides a "working knowledge" of constant voltage power sources, wire feed units, and the unique characteristics of flux cored welding wires. Understanding the technical aspects of FCAW is an important part of setting up the equipment to provide the correct amount of weld, with good penetration and weld fusion.
For beginners and intermediate welders.