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Torch Cutting

© 1999 (45 Min.)
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Torch Cutting Demonstration

Cutting torches are found in many types of shops and job sites, and the better you learn to handle the torch, the more versatile it becomes.

Torch Cutting Demonstration WMC's Torch Cutting video is an in-depth guide to using the cutting torch effectively. Included are equipment set-up, with demonstrations of adjusting the regulators, and lighting and adjusting the torch.
Torch Cutting Demonstration Demonstrations show how to make straight cuts, explaining gas pressure settings, starting the cut, speed of progression, where to watch, restarting in the kerf, slag and metal preparation.
Torch Cutting Demonstration Detailed explanations with close-up demonstrations include cutting thick metal, thin metal, making cutouts, using circle burners, cutting through two pieces of metal, vertical cuts and using straight edges.
Torch Cutting Demonstration Also included are demonstrations of practical cutting situations like cutting off bolt heads, burning round bolt holes, cutting pipe, solid round stock, cutting apart T-joints, and cutting off a nut while saving the threads to reuse the bolt!
A great video for everyone interested in using a cutting torch, with more than 40 close-up demonstrations.